Skiing Products


The group of these products includes: skis, bindings, sticks, accessories for skiing (scrapers, ointments, etc.).

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Factories for the production of sports equipment produce several types of ski bindings: rigid, semi-rigid and special. For the manufacture of fasteners using structural, resistant to corrosion, steel. Mountain and water ski mounts are installed during production.

Cross-country or racing skis are designed for movement on a previously prepared ski track and flat terrain (slightly intersected).

Tourist skis are wider, shorter and stronger than cross-country. They can move through dense snow and terrain with obstacles (highly intersected).

Jumping skis are designed for jumping from specially equipped springboards. They differ from other species in curved noses, which do not allow them to get stuck in the snow cover during landing. The choice of length depends on the age group of the athlete: for adults - 220–255 cm, for adolescents - 210–220 cm.

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